Welcome to my world.

My foray into Lampworking began in 2015 and the pleasure I get from making beads is quite frankly addictive, I just adore every step of the process from preparing my Mandrels, to cleaning the Bead Release from my beads and I just Love, Love, Love sitting behind my torch melting glass :D I have invested in a Digital Kiln so my beads are properly Annealed.

My style is at this point in time quite eclectic, I just go wherever my Muse (Her name is Maeva BTW) takes me. I do try an inject some discipline into my creative process, but to-date have not had much success :) I sit down and think to myself, "Right today I am going to make...." Pick up a glass rod and a mandrel and it's as if I am possessed, the beads I have produced at the end of a session bear no resemblance to those I had intended to make at the start of the session.

The beads I am making at the moment are on the whole, very organic and textured, with loads of shiny lumps, ribbons and bumps and are quite random in size, bigger being better :)

I do hope you enjoy browsing my shop and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Turquoise and Saffron Sari Silk Beads
Organic Earthy Tab and Spacers
Warm and Spicy Giant Seed Bead Set.
Blue on Blue Sari Silk Set
Shiny Chakra Set
Turquoise and Coral Collection

Ooooh Beads - Handmade Lampwork Beads, Findings and Supplies

Handmade Lampwork Beads and Beading Supplies.

I live in Deepest Darkest Rural France, with a couple of horses, a dog and 4 cats.

So welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy my offerings and if they inspire just a twinge of "Ooooh Beads" in you, then it is worthwhile :) and if you have any questions please do contact me.

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