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Original big bicone 1
Turquoise and Saffron Sari Silk Beads

My foray into Lampworking began in 2015 and the pleasure I get from making beads is quite frankly addictive, I just adore every step of the process from preparing my Mandrels, to cleaning the Bead Release from my beads and I just Love, Love, Love sitting behind my torch melting glass :D I have invested in a Digital Kiln so my beads are properly Annealed.

My style is at this point in time quite eclectic, I just go wherever my Muse (Her name is Maeva BTW) takes me. I do try an inject some discipline into my creative process, but to-date have not had much success :) I sit down and think to myself, "Right today I am going to make...." Pick up a glass rod and a mandrel and it's as if I am possessed, the beads I have produced at the end of a session bear no resemblance to those I had intended to make at the start of the session.

The beads I am making at the moment are on the whole, very organic and textured, with loads of shiny lumps, ribbons and bumps and are quite random in size, bigger being better :)

I do hope you enjoy browsing my shop and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Original chunky tab 1
Organic Earthy Tab and Spacers
Original 1a spicy seeds 2
Warm and Spicy Giant Seed Bead Set.
Original blue on blue sari silks 2
Blue on Blue Sari Silk Set
Original shiny hippi chakre set 3
Shiny Chakra Set
Original corals 1
Turquoise and Coral Collection
Original 1a1 cropped avi


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